We Wanna Hold Your Cans

Original Beershorts


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Finally, shorts that keep you and your extra beers cool.

With dual-action, built-in, neoprene can koozie technology, Beershorts keep your extra beers cold and close at hand. The self-adjusting waist automatically sizes to your beer storage area keeping you comfortable, while the quick-release zip fly provides easy access to your evacuation unit.

Made with a breathable, cotton-poly blend, these shorts provide the casual, hands-free beer drinking experience that you've been looking for.

I "Wanna Hold Your Cans" T-Shirt

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Show the world how you roll.

The perfect companion for Beershorts, these shirts keep your top half looking as good as your bottom half. Men, let the ladies know you're a gentleman and would be happy to hold their cans. And ladies, feel free to let the men know how happy you'd be if they keep it in their shorts.

We’ve got a freakin’ genius idea to keep you cool and refreshed this summer: BEERSHORTS. Remember all those hot days in the tailgating lots wishing you had a hands-free way to stay cool and stash your beer? Dream no more.
— Inside Tailgating Magazine